Energy label A for the Vincci Gala Hotel

Tuesday 21 January 2014 - TBI

The Vincci Gala Hotel is one of the first hotels in Barcelona to be rated A, according to the energy classification for buildings.
One of the main factors affecting energy consumption in hotels is the heating of domestic hot water. Keeping this in mind, and instead of implementing the standard solution with solar panels, TBI proposed to the client an innovative cogeneration system to provide air conditioning for the hotel, consisting of gas heat pumps that rely on natural gas to fuel their operation. By means of a heat exchanger, the heat produced by the engine is used to obtain domestic hot water.
This solution allowed a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions, from 305 to 85 kg CO2 / sqm per annum, as well as a decrease of energy consumption, from 503,8 to 144,5 kWh / sqm per annum, compared to a similar building.

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