Shopping center Dreieich Nordpark

  • Location: Dreieich - DE

  • Customer: MEC METRO-ECE

  • Operator: MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG

  • Date: 2021-2023


Refurbishment Shopping center Dreieich Nordpark. The oak leaf is the basis for the color, material and form concept. Sloping lines with surfaces of different shades of grey combined with oak-look slats give the exterior façade a new appearance. The logos of the different retailers are reorganized and combined on reduced surfaces with a neutral background of slats in wood look. The theme of the wooden slats is continued inside the mall to create a new, pleasant and natural atmosphere. The mall view is characterized by an asymmetrical geometry. While the façade of the concessionaires is defined by horizontal lines, the facade of the main stores is divided by new steel profile frames which emphasize the height of the space. The new color concept combines dark surfaces in anthracite grey with a light wood look and the corporate orange-red of the center logo.