Presentation of TBI

Firm Profile

TBI is a Spanish-German architectural and engineering firm founded in Barcelona offering extensive experience in complex projects for national and international clients. TBI is associated with the business group Gerstner (based in Xanten, Germany) who has a workforce of over 100 employees.
Currently the office consists of 25 highly qualified and motivated professionals who, together with a permanent team of technical specialists, provide creative, sustainable, and high quality technical solutions for their clients’ projects.


The firm was established in 1996 under the name of Tekno-Bau Ibérica, S.A. by Ulrich Gerstner, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, and by Miguel Jordá, architect and CEO of TBI. In 2012, as part of the renewal of the corporate identity, the name of the firm was changed to TBI.


Our firm specializes in all aspects of construction: architectural and interior design projects, structural engineering, BS engineering, project management and “turn-key” projects.
Our clientele includes both national and international companies, as well as international corporations and investors from the following sectors: industrial and logistics, office and retail, and residential and hotel.

Notable Projects

Our Spanish-German origin has enabled us to carry out numerous projects for German clients in Spain, as well as in recent years, a growing number in Germany. Some recent examples are: 4* Hotel Vincci Gala Barcelona, the Interior Design Concept of the Shopping Center Milaneo at Mailänder Platz in Stuttgart (Germany) for ECE, the Rheinpark-Center Shopping Center in Neuss (Germany), the logistics center for Mercedes-Benz in Guadalajara, paint shop and press shop for the Volkswagen car plant in Navarra, and the complete renovation of the German Embassy for the Foreign Ministry in Madrid.

Quality and Ecodesign Policy

At TBI our commitment is to provide reliability, professionalism, prompt response and highest quality. With the implementation of the Integrated Quality and Ecodesign Management System, we reassert our renewed commitment to client satisfaction and business excellence.



Building Information Modeling

Since 2012 we have used (Building Information Modeling) BIM tools and methodology, in order to create a virtual model that simulates an already constructed facility. This virtual model is a unique base containing all the parametrical information of each and every element that makes up the project.

Advantages of using the BIM system:

  • BIM improves the visualization of projects and allowing for faster detection of problems and conflicts in early stages, which serves to optimize the design process.
  • The virtual model allows for trials of different concepts and options to assess the advantages of the different approaches.
  • All the team members involved (architects and engineers) access the same database, which enables a better teamwork coordination.
  • All the information regarding the project such as costs, quantities, schedules, etc. is integrated in the virtual model and available anytime.
  • Right from the beginning, developers and investors get a realistic concept of the planned building.
  • BIM is the technical base for sustainable building projects and their certification.
  • Once the building works are completed, the virtual model database can be used as a base for the facility management.

In TBI we use the BIM Software Autodesk Revit, which is compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD and many other common CAD software.


Sustainable architecture design

As an architectural firm committed to the environment, we use each project as an opportunity to evolve a sustainable architecture design that is kind to natural resources and also minimises the impact of buildings on both their users and on the immediate and wider environment.

The quality of our services is backed by the Certification ISO 14006:2011 Environmental management systems – Guidelines for incoporating ecodesign, provided by TÜV Rheinland.

Energy label A for the Vincci Gala Hotel:

The Vincci Gala Hotel is one of the first hotels in Barcelona to be rated A, according to the energy labelling for buildings.
One of the main factors affecting energy consumption in hotels is the heating of domestic hot water. Keeping this in mind, and instead of implementing the standard solution with solar panels, TBI proposed to the client an innovative cogeneration system to provide air conditioning for the hotel, consisting of gas heat pumps that rely on natural gas to fuel their operation. By means of a heat exchanger, the heat produced by the engine is used to obtain domestic hot water.

This solution allowed a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions, from 305 to 85 kg CO2 / sqm per annum, as well as a decrease of energy consumption, from 503,8 to 144,5 kWh / sqm per annum, compared to a similar building.

Certifications ISO

Our commitment to quality is validated by the Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14006:2011 Environmental Management Systems, obtained from TÜV Rheinland. A further guarantee of our professionalism is our registration with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

See ISO 9001 Certificate

See ISO 14006 certificate

See here our Quality and Ecodesign Policy